Art by Claire Jensen - Korari Totem

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The harakeke plant is one of the most versatile and valued native plants of New Zealand. Annually it sends out a flower stalk, or korari, which can grow up to 4 metres tall. These stalks are important food for birds and feature in traditional Maori kai. It is a familiar scene to see their striking silhouettes project against the skies of Aotearoa.

This piece is made from salvaged rimu, and beeswax polish.

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The Artist

Claire Jensen is based in the small, coastal town of Opunake. She works from her home studio, The Brown Bach Studio, where she creates art from salvaged materials. Claire’s themes often relate to New Zealand, the environment and nature. Her most recent work represents the flora and fauna of New Zealand as objects of devotion.

Originally from the South Island, Claire spent her childhood and early adulthood in Australia, primarily in tropical North Queensland. There she studied Visual Arts majoring in sculpture and printmaking, later she went on to study education and has worked in Australia, the UK and New Zealand as an art teacher.

She enjoys working with found objects and collected materials such as wood, metal and plastic as she is passionate about reusing resources and creating art with a sustainable ethos.

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The Dimensions

Fitted with a ring and ready to be wall hung: 

Width: 140mm
Height: 220mm
Depth: 30mm