Art by Deborah Moss - When Gravity Lets Go

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Tondos (circular works) mixed media on plywood including gst and delivery in Auckland.

Working with artist Deborah Moss represents a meeting of the minds with Lore and Moss both comitted to honouring, respecting and protecting nature by using environmentally friendly materials in their work.

Based in North Auckland Moss surrounds herself in beauty and works with a variety of media inspired by her luscious surroundings and further reflecting her commitment to the environment every time Moss sells an original piece she plants a native tree which we love here at Lore!

Her artwork has been exhibited throughout New Zealand and her works are held in private collections in New Zealand and the United States, Singapore, England and Australia

Lore is very proud to showcase Deborah Moss’ art given her values so align with our own and Deborah is equally enthusiastic working with a supplier that focus on sustainability, innovation and locally sourced materials to craft furnishings with a beautiful aesthetic.

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This product is NZ made

The Dimensions

Dimensions including Oak frame:

Width: 400mm round
Depth: 35mm